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Ballpoint pen / stylus Iphone-Ipad
Material : aluminium / rubber
Ink color : black
Universal refill
Weight : 15 g
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6,95 € each
The nervous ball and the fine line, light as a feather thanks to his pure aluminum without ornamentations like guilloche and flourishes: here is The Pen.

Chosen at Lexon, the brand in 60 Design Awards, The Pen is your new friend who asks only to write down your ideas. 

Slide it under the horizontal elastic of your pad, use absently his function stylet on your iPad or your iPhone, and as soon as your inspiration starts again of the service: unsheathe


is a young brand of luxury notebook, born in willing of resisting the digital world around. We designed with care our notebook "Le Papier fait de la résistance" for many uses : notebook, sketches, drawings, pocket diary, memento or even as a travelbook. We also give you a way to make your own customized notebook, for your company gifts. . merci

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