It’s hard to explain the birth of a brand… We were often asked how our idea came along. Why these notebooks ? And why is it made of paper ?
Like you, we often wandered how people found there way before Googlemaps, and like you, we have about 50 years of music and films automatically synchronized on all our devices.

Like you, in other words, we are very much of this time period. Yet, with all the things that Steve, Bill, Zuck and the others have invented, when ideas come to us it’s in a notebook that we like to write them down. Because of the fact that before they even started, the adventures of Steve, Bill, Zuck and the others first materialized on paper, we decided to create a brand of notebooks.

And, like a poke at the digital invasion that we are so willingly victims of, we have decided to put up resistance against all things digital.
And so a brand is born, it will be « Le Papier fait de la résistance » !

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