A savoir-faire :

Imagined in every detail in France, our notebooks are made with the greatest care in Barcelona, which is reputated for the excellence and knowledge of its printers and manufacturers. Rebel amongst rebels of the digital invasion, we were able to secure a privileged relation with this catalan printer who is as passionate for his work as he is for graphic arts. A choice guided by our wish to offer high-quality notebooks, manufactured by a trusted partner, who shares the same obsession for the small details that make all the difference.
Finally - supreme act of resistance – our printer owns the most important private museum in Spain dedicated to the Graphic Arts. This museum, residing right inside the actual print-shop, is born of its founder’s passion, showing and conserving machines that were used between the 1900s and the 1950s.


As often, making something simple turns out to be quite complex and, if we are determined to « resist », we wished to do it with panache, on notebooks that are as strong as they are elegant. Therefore, we have studied, compared, assembled, disassembled, tested, re-tested, to finally keep only the best : this amount of small details that will make of « Le Papier fait de la Résistance », your best daily ally.
Good to know :
  • A solid and textured cover.
    112 pages of 90g/m2 munken print paper : La crème de la crème of papers, cream color, as a matter of fact.
    Invertedly numbered and detachable pages :
  • This allows you to always know how many pages you have left before reaching the end of your notebook.
  • The detachable, pre-cut pages allows you to keep the pages perfectly flat when you write on them and it’s a truly great invention. Eventually, and only in case of major matters, one page can be removed without damaging the rest of the notebook at all.
  • A customizable table of contents : to find all your notes even faster than with the latest applications…
  • An inset page : because at « Le Papier fait de la Résistance » we like « evolving technology », we have conceived an inset page with a line count and a grid. Therefore, depending on your mood, you will get the benefits of a notebook that is either blank, with lines or with a grid.
  • A jacket with slots to keep other acts of resistance : business cards, stickers, or even envelopes and stationary, for the most seasoned ones !
  • A unique horizontal closing system : lets not be afraid to say it, at « Le Papier fait de la Résistance » we have opted for horizontality – which, for once, will delight lefties as much as right-handed people.
  • The height of sophistication, and because one rarely goes without the other, the rubber-band can also hold your pen against the notebook.
  • And more yet ! (yes, it’s possible), but we’ll let you discover all that by yourself.

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