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(ou peut-être le sont-elles?)
Letter notebook - Morgane Ortin x Le Papier fait de la Résistance x Leduc
22,90 € each

Confide in this notebook the letters you never had the courage to send. Designed by the author of the French bestseller Amours solitaires.

Use this letter notebook to write to yourself or to others. Keep the letters or send them. Read them again or burn them. Open your notebook every day, or once in a while. Tuck it away carefully, or wear it out with love.

This 17 x 22-cm format notebook contains:

  • an introduction by Morgane Ortin on the art of letter writing
  • Morgane’s writing advice: the famous letters that inspire her, tips on getting started, and more
  • 46 letter ideas to build on: a letter to your mother or father, to a teacher, to the child you once were; a letter to love, to your fears, to your body, to a song

A high-quality, eco-friendly notebook made in Europe:

  • cloth bound
  • FSC certified paper
  • vegetable inks
  • bookmarks
  • sewn binding
  • vertical elastic enclosure
  • gusset pocket for your letters to the future and all your secrets!

A notebook to write letters to others – or yourself. Author, letter writing specialist and archiver of love, Morgane Ortin is the creator of the best-selling Amours Solitaires Instagram account. Originally opened to keep a record of her sentimental correspondence in the instantaneous digital era, the account attracted a spontaneous flood of stories from anonymous posters. Today, Amours Solitaires is a full-blown archive of the heart and testament to the power of writing: a collection of over 300,000 messages read by nearly one million subscribers. These contributions led to two epistolary novels: Amours Solitaires (over 160,000 copies sold) and Le Secret, published in November 2021.   

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