It’s tricky telling the story of how a brand is born. We’re often asked how we found the idea. Why notebooks? And why the paper?

Like you, we often wonder how people got around before Google Maps. Like you, we sync 50 years of music and films across all of our devices. In a nutshell, like you, we live in the here and now.

But despite everything that Steve, Bill, Zuck and the gang have invented, when we get an idea, we like to write it in a book. And because the adventures of Steve, Bill, Zuck and the gang started on paper before moving to a garage with a friend from college, we decided to create a line of notebooks. We’re the first to admit we fell for everything digital. So as a thumbs-down to the invasion, we decided to résister.

And so our brand – ‘Le Papier fait de la résistance’ – was born.

In 2021, after seven years in business, the founders of Le Papier passed the torch to a new team that shares the same values and commitments. Their ‘baby’ is in good hands, to grow and help change the world, page by page.

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