No one gets writer’s block with a shopping list.
No, that kind of panic comes when you pour your soul onto paper. Your ideas, big or small; your thoughts, your sketches, your scribbles.

The good news is that in front of the right notebook, every mind is energized. And anyone can have ideas. That’s right – everyone. Not necessarily brilliant ideas – let’s be realistic. But you might just change the world on page 24, between two cell phone numbers and a to-do list.

So what is the right notebook? One that’s open even when closed. The one that resists and inspires us. That all by its lonesome embodies the spirit of resistance to cookie-cutter ideas and instant gratification. The one that takes its time and forces no model – not even Picasso or Hemingway.

This is why we created Le Papier fait de la Résistance. To offer everyone a page of much-needed freedom.

Inclusive, eco-friendly, with a focus on quality and “Made in France” pride, fully customizable, as unique as you – or you – or you, our notebooks reflect what we believe in.

Whatever in life motivates and inspires you, our notebooks are the best place to bring it to life. Open one today, open yourself and re-discover freedom.

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