Le carnet personnalisé du Magazine Paulette

Friday, 22 November 2013 11:50
Le carnet personnalisé du Magazine Paulette
Dans le cadre du concours "Paulette For Réveurs", des entrepreneurs en herbe ont été conviés à proposer leur "projet rêvé" sur le site du Magazine Paulette.
Après plusieurs semaines de votes par les internautes, les membres du jury tels qu'Olivier Bas, Hapsatou Sy, Baptiste Lecaplain et bien d'autres, ont choisi leurs projets préférés. 
Dans le cadre de notre collaboration avec La Petite Papeterie Française, nous avons été ravis d'offrir des carnets personnalisés aux couleurs du magazine lors de la soirée de clôture. Ainsi chacun des lauréats et membre du jury a pu repartir avec son carnet personnalisé.
Nous espérons que leur carnet les aidera à poursuivre leur "projet rêvé".
  • Features

    In that giant notebook you will find:

    • - Hard and texturedcover, thatfears no handbag.
    • - Horizontal rubber band closing system, easier to open and to hold a pen.
    • - 112 pages of munken print paper in 90g/m2 the best paper in the world, numbered in revers, soyoucan know how many pages are left.
    • - Built-in ruler in the back cover, better than a swiss knife.
    • - Table of content at the end of the notebook. A little order can’t hurt.
    • - Insert page with lines and grid, to write straight by tracing. Can also be used as a bookmark.
    • - Storage pouch in the back cover-equipped with fillings slots for business cards.
  • The details that make the difference


    Imagined with meticulous details in France, our notebooks were manifactured with the greatest care in Barcelona, which is reputated for the excellence and knowledge of its printers and manufacturers. Rebel amongst rebels of the digital invasion, we were able to secure a privileged relation with this catalan printer who is as passionate for his work as he is for graphic arts. A choice guided by our wish to offer high-quality notebooks, manufactured by a trusted partner, who shares the same obsession for the small details that make all the difference.
    Finally - supreme act of resistance – our printer owns the most important private museum in Spain dedicated to the Graphic Arts. This museum, residing right inside the actual print-shop, is born of its founder’s passion, showing and conserving machines that were used between the 1900s and the 1950s.

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